Help us win in Shetland:

£6,700.00 of £10,000.00 Raised

When Shetland's voters go to the polls, we want them to elect a local champion who will continue to deliver for them as the Liberal Democrats have since this seat was created.

The last few months have seen an incredible resurgence in our party - with thousands of new members joining and getting active, Sheila Ritchie winning across Scotland in the European Elections and the party polling second across the whole of the UK. 

This will be a crucial by-election with all to play for, so we must get moving quickly. To do this we need to raise £10,000 to deliver mailings to key groups of voters and make sure we elected a new Lib Dem MSP and continue the winning momentum we have gained from the European Elections.

With this by-election just weeks away we urgently need to raise £10,000 get our campaign off to a flying start and put us in the best chance to elect a local champion to take over the fantastic work of Tavish Scott.

All the evidence shows that if we get our campaign off to a flying start, the chances of us winning increases significantly. Please donate whatever you can afford and help us win in Shetland.

If you would like to donate by phone or have a question please call 0131 337 2314.

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Who's donating: from Dollar, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!

Donate £25

and you'll pay for 15 canvassing packs for volunteers.

Donate £50

and you'll pay for an extra round of leaflets.

Donate £100

and you'll help us post out leaflets out to some of the more rural houses.

Donate £250

and you'll help make our poster campaign bigger and better than ever.

Donate £500

and you'll pay for letters to key groups of voters.

Donate £1000

and you'll pay for a 50,000 tabloid newspapers.